All lenses in this family are believed to be manufactured by Tokina , who is also believed to have designed the TX mount. There were both Vivitar and Vivitar Series 1 branded auto-focus units. They chose Vivitar as their brand name. Marketed ca [47] [48] These replace some of the original TX family lenses. All lenses in this family are believed to be manufactured by Tokina. The company became better known for their very successful Vivitar brand and eventually changed the company name to Vivitar Corporation.

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The primary vivicam 5188 difference is that the bright silver band has been replaced with a black band, leading to a more conventional, all-black design.

The brand name lives on, vivicam 5188, and continues to vivicam 5188 used for marketing photographic equipment. Personal tools Log in. Lens mount type and manufacturer is listed if known. T-4 mount adapters for most common camera mounting types were available. There may be additional focal lengths besides those listed below.

Fixed-mount Tokina-made lenses similar in appeareance to the Komine diamond rubber-ring family. The biggest problem that plagued Vivitar was lack of control over their outsourced vivicam 5188. The others models, especially the 40mm pancake are relatively rare. The “computers” were merely early electronic desk calculators used by human lens designers as they made slight modifications to traditional lens designs.

The mm zoom came in 4 variants: InConcord Camera Corpa manufacturer of pocket cameras, attempted to buy Vivicam 5188 from Gestetner PLC but was unable to finalize the purchase when vivicam 5188 financial losses prevented them from coming up with the required cash in time.

Sakar International acquired the Vivitar brand and intellectual property on August 21, Vvicam also had to switch manufacturers from time to time depending on what was being offered to them. This is said by some vivicam 5188 be responsible for the final demise of the Vivitar Vivicam 5188 1 lenses, which were already suffering a decline in sales due to Gestetner’s new focus on selling point-and-shoot cameras and Vivitar’s decision not to pursue auto-focus technology.

vivicam 5188 Some collectors refer to this as the Vivitar two window preset lens. These were fixed mount lenses designed for conventional, non-autofocus SLRs. Fixed-mount Kino Precision-made lenses similar in appeareance to the Komine diamond rubber-ring family. A few instances are reported with silver trim at the top and bottom of the focus ring like the Tokina T-4 family.

This page was last modified on 12 Decemberat Vivicam 5188 the Type 3 T mounts were made by Kino Vivicam 5188. These lenses are uncommon today, with the Canon and Nikon mounts bordering on rare. The US argued that since Vivicam 5188 had instructed the manufacturers to put a Vivitar label on the products, they were by definition authorized, regardless of the contractual arrangements or lack of them between Vivitar and the manufacturer.

Betensky originated the idea of altering the air space between lens elements as the focus changed, resulting in close focusing capabilities that far exceed other lens designs of the viviam.

All lenses in this family are believed to be manufactured by Tokinawho is also believed to have designed the TX mount.

Similar in appearance vivicam 5188 the Vivicam 5188 Precision black metal ridged-ring family, these lenses had all-black vivicamm with longitudinal ridges on the focus ring. This family of lenses has only slight cosmetic differences from the T-4 lenses marketed by Soligor at the same time, and which were made vivicam 5188 the same manufacturer. In March ofJohn Bourne was named president ivvicam Vivitar.

These are lenses known to have been marketed by Vivitar but which have not been categorized by lens family yet. These lenses seem to be relatively uncommon compared to the other all-black metal ring families. Disputes over these issues were responsible for some of Vivitar’s shifts from one manufacturer to another. Lenses in this family were manufactured by Komine, based on serial numbers. Best wrote invoices from the back seat while Ponder acted as the saleman and vivicam 5188 merchandise from the trunk.

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Retrieved from ” http: The shift to autofocus cameras and later to digital cameras created difficult transitions, leading to a series of 588, ownership changes, vivicam 5188 eventual bankruptcy in While the majority equipment bore the “Vivitar” name alone, several variants were also used over the years: Other distributors tended to rely solely on the manufacturer’s quality control measures.

Most of were unusual, original designs subcontracted to vivciam variety of lens vivicm. Only M42 mount versions of these lenses were sold. Privacy vivicam 5188 About Camera-wiki. Many of the vivicam 5188 for this family tout them as “computer designed” but this is vivicam 5188 hyperbole. The building at this location is still standing and has since been renovated.

Vivitar provided overseas manufacturers with valuable specifications and equipment designs. The company vivjcam is gone now but the Vivitar brand was purchased and continues to be used for marketing photographic gear.

The idea was to make a self-contained, battery-powered autofocus lens that would mount on conventional, non-autofocus cameras.

Vivitar Series I fixed mount lenses represent the top-tier products in Vivitar history.

These new high-quality lenses were badged as Vivitar Series 1 lenses. Up until now, they had selected lenses designed and built by other manufacturers and rebadged them as Vivitar lenses.

The concept was later abandoned, making these lenses vivicam 5188 rare.