Personally when I purchased it I did it in a hurry and I didn’t realize I didn’t need the DI or two mic inputs in general as I was only mic’ing vocals which means I may have been able to find a “better” set up but I do not regret my purchase as in this price range I doubt their is significant differences. About a month ago, I got a laptop running Windows 7, and it fits all the problems being described in the reviews. Displaying reviews Back to top. Horrible noise issues screaming from the Tascam even when there is zero chance of crosstalk. But overall, I have reasonable expectations for a unit at this price, and the meets them just about as well or better than any other USB interface I’ve tried in the price range This interphase will make you not want to record. It features 2 high-quality XLR mic preamps with a phantom power switch for condenser microphones and a pair of balanced line inputs, the rightmost of which can be switched to record guitar level signals.

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A point apiece in this category as well then! Tsscam As good as it gets in this price range: On a budget at the time, I bought a roland interface instead and it was worlds better.

Take it back, buy uw new system. It is simple to use, the sound quality is average and the latency is almost non-existant. Review this product Get the facts.


The Windows drivers are so bad that the soundcard is almost unuseable! I made sure Wifi, anti-virus, and firewall features tascam us 122 mk2 turned off on the laptop but that made no difference.

Unit and USB Cable only – no software or other accessories included. Folk Instrument Buying Tascam us 122 mk2. It tasca, support 1 external hardware unit assuming you have studio monitors plugged into it which is all that’s usually needed for a beginner, in taacam that hardware unit may add more inputs.

Tascam US-122

They both come with Cubase LE4, which is a thoroughly decent program! Sound quality of the pre’s is decent, u lag with supplied ASIO drivers is minimal, even with tascam us 122 mk2 latency tweaking to conserve RAM usage in the bit system. Oh, but what’s this? Without knowing other peoples experiences with other interfaces in the price range I cannot really determine how it stands in comparison to other models.

As I’m on Snow Leopard I downloaded the latest I have had tascam us 122 mk2 Tascam USmkII for a year and a half now and its quite the stand alone unit for beginners. Tascam US Refine Results. In other words, the unit does not convey a sense of build quality compared to other gear in the price range. If all you want to use the interface for is audio in-out for such programs, you won’t have any problems. Guitar Effects Buying Guide.

TASCAM USMKII / Absolute Music | Absolute Music

This post was posted in Blog entriesComputer Music tascam us 122 mk2, In-Depth ReviewsRecording and ml2 tagged with tascam us 122 mk2 io2audio interfacehardwaremidi. Although, as I said earlier, it works wonderfully with my Windows XP computer.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. But at the time I bought the mkII, it was the best luck I’d had with any USB interface 1222 the price range, and it has served me well on a lot of projects in the last few years.


See all my reviews. I am returning the unit and will probably invest in a newer USB full-featured keyboard. It certainly offers a little more tascam us 122 mk2 on a desk, but then the compactness of the IO2 makes it more ideal for portable recording projects.

Most Liked Positive Review. I would recommend asking a local music store to order it if they don’t already have one or more in stock and bring it home to try it. It is not reliable.

Our friend purchased and used this briefly then gifted to us; we never used it so it has been stored since then. However, if you want to be able to use tascam us 122 mk2 interface as your computer’s main soundcard ie: While commercial audio Tascak are produced at I replaced it with a Lexicon Lambda which performs better.