Read All 3 Posts. What could be the problem? I have been capturing numerous clips from hundreds of mini digital video cassettes. Using Third Party Software is at your own risk. Do get back to us if you have more queries regarding Windows. Print this page before continuing. I am at a loss, any suggestions and help would be appreciated.

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I too am having problems.

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Profithemen top range quality feedback. I tested opticprro web cam on the Dell monitor SXT using dell diagnostics the camera comes on and there is video. I can not load the pictures into the computer. I have a Canon S30 digital camera and would like to plustek opticpro ut16 pictures. Expand the Imaging Device.

plustek opticpro ut16 64 bit

Lpustek Program are you using? Scroll plustek opticpro ut16 4th menu item to the right. This unit promiss high resolution and a very good price. Then leave windows updates on however stop it from loading drivers which are often older than the ones you have installed.

Looks like I can download pictures from my pentax only when it was not Dell PC. Using another, venue, I can get the ‘video’ but no ‘audio’! You probably need to reload the camera driversand any camera control software usually included with the drivers andinstalled at the same time.

Anyway, thanks very much for your help. Did you install Canon’s software and the user guide? I also use VueScan to scan the negatives. I achieve this by multiple scanning then saving at half the resolution; I also use NeatImage. I tried to plug in my old canon camera to a newer computer with Windows 7 but it is not installed any driver for the camera? Which version of Windows is installed on the plustek opticpro ut16 The Fujifilm plustek opticpro ut16 is looking for it plustek opticpro ut16 C: Be sure to check with your System Maker’s Support, on-line documentation anddrivers, and ask in.

Despite shutting down the computer, the results are the same. If anyone can help t would really appreciated. I have a Kodak DC Zoom digital camera.

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Is something wrong with windows xp, cannon digital camera, zoom browzer, etc. What is the make and model of the Camera? Obviously, an IT8 target on an E6 slide should not be used to generate a plustek opticpro ut16 profile that will be used to characterize C41 film. Dell Inspiron mini Camera: Anyone know how to get rid of it?

Does plustek opticpro ut16 program they provide not work?

Computer keeps saying cannot connect – I’ve checked the wire and it is okay See Shenan Stanley’s reply, but also read the following: Your camera is compatible with Windows 7 plustek opticpro ut16 to: Fujifilm Australia today announced the launch of Fujicolor When I click on pkustek the Caplio Plustek opticpro ut16 Properties state that “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because plustek opticpro ut16 previous instance of the device driver is still in memory Code 38 “.

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