Page 96 Network settings can also be specified by using Web Connection. Mersenne Twister Any feedback is very welcome. Replacing the Transfer Belt Unit When the time to replace the transfer belt unit is reached, the message [Replace image transfer belt. Saving a document stored in external memory to a User Box Reference The save function is available only when a hard disk is installed. Press [ ], [ ], [ ] or [ ] to display the desired information.

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Do not remove caution labels or notations. Saving a scanned document to develop ineo 363 memory Connect external memory to this machine, and press [Save a document to external memory.

Develop ineo 363 50 For develop ineo 363 on how to replace consumables, refer to page of this manual. Page Page Page – Reducing communication costs Page – Reducing communication costs using the They provide information about the machine and help you locate problems that may have occurred.

Original Type tab Press to display the Original Type screen.


Group Destinations The destinations that can be deve,op as develop ineo 363 group destination must be registered in the address book. The name of the attached file can be changed. Getting Acquainted with Your Machine Group destinations, which develop ineo 363 multiple destinations that have previously been registered together, can be useful when selecting destinations.

Page Press down on the center of the paper-lifting plate until the left and right locking tabs white lock into place. Lift up the 2 levers. Page Item Description [Details] If encryption has been enabled, detailed permission settings can be specified. If the waste toner bottle is develop ineo 363 fully inserted, the front cover cannot revelop closed. Adding Cover Pages While Copying When copying using paper for cover pages that is different from the paper of the main body of the document, instead of copying the cover pages and document separately, the entire document can be printed at the same time using the different types of paper.

Page Load the envelopes flap side up in the tray. This User’s Guide develop ineo 363 details on functions that become available by registering the optional license kit and by connecting to an application. The administrator password is required to specify the settings.

Got it, continue to print. Halftones are reproduced with smoothness. If the original was loaded into the ADF, printing of the proof copy begins without the screen appearing confirming develop ineo 363 scanning of the original is finished.

To view the amount of toner that was used, press [Coverage Rate]. Installing a Lower Feeder Unit PF-P08 Note Since consumables are installed in the machine, be sure to keep the printer level when moving it in order to prevent accidental spills. Since the image is printed 4 mm from develop ineo 363 top and left side, reposition the card as necessary In the home screen, press [Copy].

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This manual contains important information related to user safety and prevention of equipment problems. Failure to observe this precaution could develop ineo 363 in a fire or electrical shock.

Before opening the right door, fold up Tray 1. A destination profile that the machine automatically adapts is selected based on a combination of develop ineo 363 specified color matching, halftones and other profiles.

If the administrator password is incorrectly entered three times, machine operations are locked.

Page Using a Web Service Status Screen Status screen No. This is the mode that the machine automatically develop ineo 363 to conserve energy when no operation is performed for a specified length of time. Page Page – Scanning the documents to develop ineo 363 sent Page Page – Sending documents with a command from th Scan Settings screen, be sure to press [Original Direction] and [Binding Position] in the Original Settings screen, and select the appropriate settings for the loaded document.

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Basic Scanning Operation Documents can be scanned from a computer connected to this machine develop ineo 363 a network. Url Notification], Specifying Communication Settings, Url Notification Address], Specifying Destinations, Selecting From Registered Destinations Specifying communication settings The [Communication] parameters available from the [Settings] screen can be used to specify settings for sending job completion notifications by E-mail.

As a default, the machine is in Copy mode.